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SB Technology is a leading distributor of consumer electronics based in Miami, Florida and New York. Our privately-owned company began as an expert in one brand of consumer devices and hardware. As the technology industry grew with new devices and revolutionizing brands, SB technology has now spread its reach in expertise with more than fifty leading brand names. This allows retailers and consumers a wide variety of specific brands and products they want to suffice any home or office suite. We give the power to the customers, allowing them to choose what works best for them and their business.

SB Technology is a one-stop shop for all resellers needing products in a timely fashion at competitive prices. All your needs are from one provider, creating an easy way to manage inventory and inquiries about our products. We offer cutting edge technology solutions to accommodate any situation, our reliable sale representatives are ready to assist with any challenge.

We sell to top retailers in the USA, Latin America, Europe, Middle East, and are expanding our reach all over the world. Here at SB technology, we advocate an honest and true business partnership, allowing customers to communicate openly with all of their concerns. We create a business partnership without any smoke and mirrors, allowing long-term and valuable relationships.

One of SB Technology’s principle goals is to carry the best products and service to customers in the constantly changing market. Smaller, better, and faster technology is developing quicker than ever; we strive to acclimate with the industry to offer customers the best knowledge and expertise solutions. Our future endeavor is to focus on developing select brands and bring them into the mainstream, helping them grow and keep pace with the fast-paced market.

SB technology also provide drop shipping service, reverse logistics and service to government entities with special pricing.

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